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20 minutes from Biarritz, on the border between the Basque Country and the Landes.
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C.L.I.P. Language School
Does your Company want new markets?

Do your Sales Executives need a quick revision?

Do you want a professional promotion?

And do you wish to be independent on your next holidays?


Thirty years of experience have enabled C.L.I.P. (Centre Linguistique d'Initiation et de Perfectionnement) to be recognised for the originality, effectiveness, and individual nature of its classes, which are based on COMMUNICATION in a warm AMBIANCE.

Our school has its own teaching method and creates programmes which are adapted to individual needs. It organizes its courses with an efficient teaching skill that everybody says is different.

These classes are suitable for everyone:
Private companies, school children, students and private individuals .

* Our language school also specializes in intensive courses. French classes, Spanish classes and classes of English as a foreign language can be taken in small groups. These small groups have a maximum of 5 people.
There is better understanding and activity for the pupils, personalizing the lesson.

* Some speak about 'coaching', we prefer speaking about private tutoring.
Yes, our former private tutor (today called 'coach') is coming back in our conversations because our children need private lessons, need to be guided, encouraged and reassured.
A remedial course can be foreseen, during the holidays, to have certain lessons explained, for some exercises or to prepare for an exam, or during a period the parents will have decided, for a regular and comforting follow-up.

* Private lessons can also be taken at the workplace or at home, at any time of the year, in France or abroad. All our formations are made-to-measure! Of course, private tutoring is not only intended for school children and students but also for adults who want to brush-up on their language skills, for Companies that understand the importance of foreign languages on the global market and for their Sales Executives. If both words 'coach' and 'coaching' are fashionable, our service proposed for twenty-five years proves how avant-garde our language school is.

* Members of companies and private individuals can choose to participate in group conversation. This is accessible to everybody: the people who know they are autonomous or those who have already followed one of our language training courses . It will be a French course through total immersion for one hour or two, at the centre or at the workplace, in order to revise vocabulary, discover new idioms and evocate scenes of the daily life during role-playing.
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